After leaving Klaksvík I had to get myself down to Argir, which is really just a suburb of Tórshavn, for a 3pm kickoff. After getting back to Eysturoy by the tunnel, half an hour later I was crossing the Sundabrúgvin. This bridge crosses from Eysturoy to the settlement of Nesvík in Streymoy.


Another half hour and I was entering the industrial outskirts of Tórshavn. I had a bigger problem than expected as Tórshavn is notoriously foggy. I knew roughly where Argir was but I had planned to book myself into the Kerjalon Hostel on the way to the game. Kerjalon is tacked onto the same site as the prestigious Hotel Føroyar but I didn’t fancy the hotel prices of £170 or so for a single room. The problem was, I could navigate myself round the western outskirts of Tórshavn but as soon as the road rose higher I couldn’t see in the fog. I was only 1 km away from the stadium at Argir but the hotel/hostel remained hidden.  Eventually I found it with kickoff time rapidly approaching, so I could dump my stuff and get along to the game.

Hostel Kerjalon. All turf roof and nae knickers

Argja Bóltfelag, or AB, was formed in 1973 and currently plays in the top flight, the Effodeildin. In 1983 they managed to get their own ground at  Inni í Vika which at the moment is called the Skansi Arena to suit their sponsors. At first they only got to use part of the building and the rest was used as a classroom! Then as the club expanded they took it all over.

It’s that “should have stayed in Klaksvík” moment

When I arrived at Inni í Vika at about five to three, the only sign that there was a match on was the rock music blasting out of the PA system.


The Premier card wasn’t till Sunday so today I was watching a First Division (1.deild) game between AB reserves and NSÍ reserves from Runavík. There was no admission charge and the crowd was given later as 60. Unfortunately, out of 10 games in the 1.deild and 2.deild that day, I picked the only goalless draw. As the teams came out it was hard to see the other side of the pitch in the thick fog. Luckily by half time it was lifting but the game wasn’t doing anything to lift the spirits. It was a fairly towsy affair with 9 bookings and two of those came for AB’s Jógvan Johannesson who was sent off with 6 minutes left. Both teams had plenty of chances, especially NSÍ, but the finishing was woeful.

Do all football teams use the same ghettoblaster?
Half time and the fog clears – you should have seen my first effort
Breezy flag day
Easier to see it than reach it…
One last chance to break the deadlock

Near the end I got talking to a guy who told me he had a Scottish grandfather. I got him to pronounce Inni í Vika for me. 

He then asked me if I knew the Bobble-Hat Goalie. I said, yes of course, Knudsen, everybody’s heard of him. He said he was his mate and coaching now with NSÍ- “That’s him over there”. So that’s how I came to get a selfie with Jens Martin Knudsen, now 49 years old, capped 65 times for the Faroe Islands.

“Tell the guys in Rosewell I was asking for them”

If I could summon up the enthusiasm there was another game up in Streymnes, in 2.deild, at 1830 but I just couldn’t face it. I needed a feed for starters and my experience of the games so far was that it was fine if you could live on coffee. No steak and gravy pies here. So I reluctantly gave EB/Streymur II v B36 II a miss (it ended 1-6) and headed into Tórshavn for some scran and a couple of pints. Then up to the hostel where I had a good supply of the amber nectar to pass the evening.

Next time – Tórshavn. This is a shorter blog than usual so here’s some info: Issue 1 of Glorymag has recently come out and it’s all about football in the Faroes.

A reminder of the excellent FaroeSoccer website which gives amazing detail right down to minor games and women’s league, with full stats on every game including yellow and red cards. If you’re planning a trip this is your online bible.

Menn = men

Kvinnur = Women (just like Quine then)

Kapping – competition

Vøllur – stadium

Áskoðarar – attendance

Úrslit – result

Gult kort – yellow card

Reytt kort – red card

Venjari – coach

Dómari – referee

Leikarar – players

Dystir – fixtures